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Amy Morris

BA Special Education, Deaf & HH

AA American Sign Language Interpreting
Medical Assisting Internship (Alpine Clinic Traditional & Alternative medicine)

Plant based nutrition & Essential oils  


 I initially started my career as a medical assistant in a clinic that practiced both traditional and holistic methodologies where I passed state nutrition testing and found my way to a happier plant based lifestyle. I'm a Deaf & Hard of Hearing specialist in K-12  and the mother of 2 children with one on the way. I have been using herbs, homeopathics, and essential oils with them since day one. I unfortunately followed traditional advice when it came to well baby checks with my 1st child and vaccinated him according to schedule till his 6 month appointment. At that point I started reading the risk of vaccination & what was in them. I delayed doing 1 at a time until he ended up with a severe peanut and tree nut allergy following the MMR (which he ate fine before). Afterward I spent countless hours researching how to heal him.  With the help of a holisitc doctor, essential oils, and even using the emotion code, we were able to detox rebuild his gut and heal all the nut allergies, no more epi-pen! No more nightmares for mom!


I am passionate about helping others heal themselves, physically and spiritually/emotionally as well as heal their children. I want you to be empowered to take charge of your own health finding disease prevention and healing through oils and more. There is an easier way, you are not alone in the daily struggle. Whether you're a mom trying to help your child through illness or an adult trying to recover from debilitating chronic pain, "there's an oil for that" There is hope for that.  I can't wait to connect and share them with you!


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